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Ways to Donate

At Discovery Garden Montessori School, we deeply value every single donation we receive. Whether it's time, money, or supplies, everything you give helps us in our mission to create a warm and welcoming Montessori community. We happily accept donations from individuals, families, and organizations who share our values and vision. If you would like to contribute to our school, please choose one of the following or reach out to us today.

New job


Your generosity fuels a nurturing and innovative educational environment that empowers children to explore, learn, and thrive. It's a remarkable way to translate your commitment to holistic education into tangible results. Join us in making a lasting impact through your generous support for our Montessori school today. Together, we can nurture a world of curious, compassionate, and capable individuals.

Outdoor Family Day


Whether you are donating time to one of our events, donating items for auction items, or sponsoring an event, there are many ways to give back. Any time spent on events or fundraising for an event counts towards your volunteer hours. 

Ecology Gardening Tour

Teacher Wish List

Our teachers have a passion for education and are constantly seeking out new ways to inspire their students. We provide many materials to support your child’s learning, but sometimes our teachers need specific materials to help their students succeed. We have a teacher wish list program in place to help them provide their students with everything they need to thrive. The wish list is a great way to donate.


We accept in-kind Donations to Discovery Garden Montessori School through Venmo. If you would like to donate a different way, please email


You can also purchase T-Shirts and event tickets through Venmo. 

Wish List

Teacher Wish Lists

Click on any of the Classroom wish lists below to access the Amazon wish list.

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